You know that bloke off Red Dwarf…

Yeah Robert Llewellyn is the chap.  Now every now and then you come across a site on the Internet that really captures you.  I’ve recently found such a site, which all came about though Twitter.

Some of you may know Robert Llewellyn for his role as Kryten in the BBC series Red Dwarf (which is returning incidentally in 2011) – But he is also well known as the host of Channel Four’s Scrap Heap Challenge, and has featured in numerous other television outings. I could go on with his past, but should you be curious you can have a peek at his Wikipedia Page here.

But what, you may wonder has this to do with anything?  Well I recently began following him on Twitter.  Through this found an interesting Tweet about ‘Car Pool’ and so turned to the trusty oracle that is Google and went on to discover an absolute gem of a site.

You see it turns out that Mr Llewellyn is a bit of a ‘eco-warrior’.  No, that is a little extreme for a true tree hugger will surly push us all to turn Vegan, give up all electrical devices and walk everywhere.  Robert however simply shares his views and passion on the subject of making do with things we have without the need to constantly replace and consume, to the way we get about the place and generally having a more open mind to ‘green thinking’ without shoving it down your throat.  And you know what, it rather works.

Now this may be sounding all very well and good but why is this site so good?  It actually has little to do with the ‘green issue’ and more to do with a damn good time and many laughs.  You see Robert has two main websites.  His personal one – features a forum, information about him, Red Dwarf, Scrap Heap Challenge etc. And is a good read and fun to boot – but the main star of the show is

Llewtube features something that I find is a very original and fun idea.  Something that I doubt would work on television, but on the internet really sucks you in.  Robert offers lifts to people. Funny people, interesting people, celebs – you get the idea.  But the fact this is all done while he drives them (in his Hybrid car) means that the ‘interview’ is so much more informal. It is two mates out for a drive having a laugh.

We all know many conversations and funny tales have been had from the passenger seat of a car, not say facing each other in a room.  There is something about the random nature of the passing world around you; to the relaxed fact you are going somewhere which I think means those he interviews (or should I say has a chat with) mean you see a true, often deeper side to those people.

His journey and chat with Phil Jupitus had me in stitches as did David Mitchell. But this has all been going on for months without me having a clue – And you know that is one of the great things of the Internet, you can find something such as this and then go back through previous episodes and play catch up – eager for the next slice of the cake each day.

Robert is also on You Tube and you can find his experiences with the year long trial of his new electric car and general thoughts on such over on where you will find links to his main You Tube channel where this all began.

It really is rare these days to find some original, genuinely funny content online that is not staged and makes you feel as though you could be a passenger in the back listing on to these funny men and women share their stories, thoughts and random funnies during just another journey.

So why not have a break and laugh over in the ‘Car Pool’


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