In praise of Mothers

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As some of you maybe aware my Mother has written her first book – Trio, which after a lot of effort is due to be published this year.

Many people of her generation either do not wish to know about the Internet or do, but are either scared or have not a clue where to begin. To be fair she has embraced the Internet and computers in leaps and bounds over the last two years.

With her new status as an Author, it is only right she should have her own piece of the Internet and so I have produced a website for her, which I am rather proud of.  This along with her own Blog, Twitter and Facebook means she really has gone the full distance into ‘Social Media’.

I am very proud of her efforts and though at times can get annoyed with her stream of questions about ‘How do I do this again?’ I do not mean to be harsh (and think she knows this).

Tonight I thought I would help bring a wider audience to her activities and those with a keen interest in reading may well like to pop over to her site and read a Synopsis of her book for a taster of what will be on the shelves.  But more than this, want to take time to say that both Mothers and Fathers are often taken for granted for all the kindness, understanding and help they give to us – the children that grew from their nurture.

Yes we have Fathers Day and Mother Day – but I often think these are little more than ‘I must get some flowers and a card’ day where the ever present commercial pressure takes away from the day itself – to thank those who brought us into this world and looked after us in all sorts of ways.  So here is to the Mothers and Fathers out there, for all you do and continue to for us.  You may think you are taken for granted and many of you must wonder if it was all worth it through the trials, arguments and problems that your children have brought over the years.  But in our hearts we love you and would be nothing without you.

Thank you Mum.

Links: – the website | – the Blog


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