There are changes afoot and news to be shared.  Firstly as my regular visitors will have noticed a new look the site, together with the bringing together of my photo blog from – which will update via an RSS feed in the right sidebar.  As before my Twitter feed is also updated here.

The new look is fresh and clean with the posts being the important feature, not fussy graphics.  You will also notice that to the   each post is a clear and simple date format – though only in the US version where month is befoe day, sadly. It also helpfully shows the category where the post relates.

Something else you will see (aside from the page navigation now in the left sidebar) are the links at the top of the site which take you directly to the category.  So if you are looking for anything ‘te’chie’ it is a quick way to get the posts that may interest you.

Finally there is a ‘News’ box at the top of the left sidebar.  This will change periodically with any updates or information that maybe relevent.

I hope you will like the new look and continue to enjoy reading and seeing my world, through your eyes.

Furhter links to the rascal: | |


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