Anyone for posterous? – Simple name, simple site, huge potential!  Imagine emailing a photo and it being published automatically on a website created for you, then sent out to Facebook, MySpace etc without the need to sign up and register before this happens.

So what is the big deal? You know just about every website out there that allows you to post things from photos to videos, every profile site, every site you want to buy something on.  They all have one thing in common, you need to sign up to use them.  Now ok, it is not the biggest of deals but it is another username and password another activation email to read and click and that is before you have got round to putting your latest creation up to share with others.  It is all a bit..Tiresome.

In the real world, you take a photo and email it to someone, or text them it, or print it out and hand it over to them. There is no faffing about with registration and settings so why should it always be so online?  That is where Posterous comes in.

You don’t need to register, you simple send an email to – the subject line is the title, the body text the post and that picture you took, well attach it to the email.  You send it and get a reply within seconds with a link to your own Posterous site.  It has just all been done for you.  Now once you have got this reply, that is also your registration how simple is that!

You can then customise your site, name it, add a profile too.  You can ‘autopost’ your content to the likes of Facebook, MySpace – you get the idea. It costs nothing, there are no junk adverts sent to your inbox and everything is in simple and good old fashion english – no geek talk here.

What I love about it is I can be out an about, snap a photo and just email it from my phone. It will be up on Posterous within seconds, then sent out to the other networks I am a member of just as quickly.  Anything you can email, you can post.  No need to log in somewhere and post, then remember to have to update your other accounts.

So if you like the idea of a quick and simple way to share stuff you love, check out today – I think you might just love it.


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