Cowboy window installation

I am not a builder or window installation expert, but today the ones who would say they were such expects came to install new double glazed windows and door. I did not see the mayhem that ensued but certainly heard it.

In removing the old door and windows, they seem to have had issue with the wall and knocked off a large chunk of plaster. I am sure this will be re-plastered roughly, meaning once painted your see the terrible join there.

But you see the reason for this was a conversation I overheard. It went along the lines of ‘How did that happened then we are 3 inches out’. It would seem that the new glazing units are not the correct size (being too small) so rather than perhaps do the correct thing and use wooden battens secured to the brickwork and then to that the UPVC units, they went for the other option. Expanding foam. Here there and everywhere it is used with chunks of wood pushed between the brick work and the glazing units frame. I especially liked the use of screwed up paper to plug larger gaps to the outside world.

In doing so, when you push against any part of the frame they move. And also because of the fact they have not used the foam evenly, there are large gaps where you can see the outside world. This of course means huge drafts, making the double glazed sealed windows and doors…Rather useless.

Of course they say, it is not finished we shall be back Friday to finish. I suspect this will mean more foam, and some bits of UPVC facia to cover up the evil that lays behind. Another grand job from your friendly, British builders.

You can see the work that has been carried out in the video below and I would be curious to know from anyone who is ‘in the know’ if this is the correct way to install such items?


One response to “Cowboy window installation

  1. Ouch! Did they ever come back and fix the job properly or did they get a bit ‘busy’ over Chritmas and not manage to make it back yet?

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