iPhone Apps – Timelapser and my top five Apps

For those of you who have an iPhone you will be well aware of the myriad of Apps one can install on to it from the App Store.  While it amazes me when some iPhone owners have all 9 pages filled with applications and get upset that Apple have limited them to such a paltry number.  In my opinion however, there may be many thousands of available Apps to download from the App Store, yet many do much the same thing and still more are completely useless and one finds them used once before being deleted.  So I keep a modest 5 pages of Apps and keep only those I find of use and work.

One App which caught my eye and truly is different is Timelapser (£1.19) by Maymudes Bros.  It uses the iPhones camera to take timed images  from between 3 seconds and 30 minutes.  Once this has been done it automatically creates a movie from the images and is available to play back, email or otherwise transfer when the iPhone is docked to a computer. 

What makes this wonderful is one can set up the phone and leave it to do its snapping in the knowledge that there will be no need to edit the images after and use a third-party program to make a movie of the time-lapse once completed.  

It works best of course where the subject being taken is constantly changing, such as the clouds going across the sky or traffic moving.  The only problems come about when the phone locks, so the capturing will end.  Therefore remember to turn off the auto lock feature of the phone.  Also because the iPhone has no manual controls of the camera, each shot will be auto white balanced and exposed.  While this is handy for taking photos, changes in light will show up once the completed movie has been made.  Having said that, this is after all a phone – I find it amazing that 5 years ago such just would never have been possible on a handset and now we now can take such for granted. 

I have listed here my top 5 iPhone Apps which I find useful: 

  1. WeatherPro – Real time weather complete with satellite images of both cloud and rain. It will tell you the rain fall in mm, sunlight duration and wind speed too. Quality app for planning ahead.
  2. Photogene – A complete photo editing tool on the go.  Add a huge range of borders and effects to images and then adjust levels and exposure, adjust RGB levels and much more besides.  Results are saved at full resolution and look great when imported to a computer.
  3. TubeMap – Not only will this App let you scroll over a map of the London Underground, it will help you navigate between stations.  But the best part is the live status of the Underground lines, so you know if there is a delay before you set out making alternative routes easier to plan and avoid delays.
  4. UKPostboxes – Ever been out and needed to post a letter or a Post Card but had no idea where the nearest Post Box was? Well fret no more as this app will use the phones GPS to locate you, then tell you where the nearest Post Box is.  You can even find out the last collection times of said post boxes!
  5. BeejiveIM – This combines all the popular IMing clients from AOL, MSN and Yahoo together with several others to one comprehensive application.  You can sign in over multiply clients at the same time, change your online status, block or delete contacts and add new ones.  You also get the chance to send and receive voice clips and even change the background of both the colour of message bubbles to wallpaper too.

Perhaps you have your own ‘top 5’ iPhone Apps – Why not share them here in a comment below?


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