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I have heard that users of Twitter come in two flavours.  Those who join, love it and tweet endlessly and those who join, tweet and umm go, never to return.

After I joined and to be honest not a lot happened.  You see I did not get to grips with having tweets sent to my phone via email or  a desktop Twitter app and so remembering to sign in to Twitter and be hit with hundreds of ‘tweets’ took the shine of the thing.  Like many I became a ‘twit-has’ – someone who is a has been Tweeter.

Earlier this week I got my mother on Twitter which got me to get back into the grove and because I can not only feed my tweets and those who tweet back to this blog, my phone and my desktop things are going rather well.  I can now keep informed of what is going on and feel part of the community that is Twitter.

It proved useful recently, when a power cut hit my area. At work we still had power (is that not always the way) and as such got on to Twitter and had a search.  Within seconds I was finding people local to me reporting that they had power, while just up the road did not.  No news site could give such rapid and local information about something that was going on, that affected me.  I’ve heard in the past how Twitter spread news around the globe fast, how in Iran it was one of the few sources of information that managed to squeak past the various blocks on internet traffic during the election campaign.  But while not a big thing, proved it can be a search engine of sorts, a new aggregator for your area and things you may find of interest and for that reason I am now a tweeter once more.

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