Home office, small office

TMakroonight I shall be off to the depths of South London to Makro (quite why has to be the Charlton branch I know not) and hopefully get a new leather chair and glass desk. 

They both look lovely in the sales blurb, but knowing me it won’t be long before something is dropped on said glass desk and said glass is shattered.

If they have both in stock, will have to add the finished pictures once installed into my room, which itself will be going under another change around as half will be divided into sleeping space (new double bed next month hopefully) and the remainder living space.

I would also like to praise an App on the iPhone that I’ve found such a godsend.  Called ‘Tubemap’ it does exactly what it says on the tin, a map on a phone of the London Underground.  But will also tell you the current status of the lines your use to travel on, and of delays on those lines.  It draws data straight from TFL and is up to date with that shown at stations! Oh and it’s free!



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