Blog 2.0

Whilst looking over the latest headlines on the BBC News website, I randomly decided it would be a good idea to register a domain name for myself.  I had a think about what such a domain should be called.  My own name perhaps? or maybe something very random ‘’ really did not cut the mustard. 

For sometime now I’ve developed a sort of ‘web presence’ under the name ‘London Rascal’ – My You Tube channel shares this along with many other sites I use.  And so it became the natural choice for the name of this blog, together with the domain name I’ve chosen.  At the time of writing, the domain is not yet linked to this blog but shortly shall be.

London Rascal in many ways sums up who I am.  A guy from London, who is a bit of a rascal.  The cheeky and fun and never one to take life too seriously.  Or maybe just because my mother would often call me a rascal when I was younger.

I have blogged in the past, but the platform I used then would not allow the dynamic content that I want to share.  Be that video or pictures which can better express myself, thoughts or just the random things I may come across.  This site however is far more able to cope with such, and I look forward to bringing creative content here in time.

For those that know me on Facebook, posts here shall be shared in my profile there – a ‘bringing it all together’ type of thing.  I may have just breached copyright there, as I do beleive BT use that slogan for their Broadbadn commercials.

So the journey has begun, what shall follow I can’t say but expect anything but the usual –  My own catch phrase.



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